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2063 Falgun 4 Mahadhivaratri

16 February 2007 Friday

This is a weekly ezine for Entertainment and Friendship.

May Peace Prevail in the Universe!

Happy Mahashivaratri!!

Happy Valentine Day!!!

(14 February 2007)

Long live ours grandfather Parashu Ram Shrestha!


Your feedback and contributions to this ezine (electronic magazine) are awaited, and would be greatly appreciated.

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1. Feedback/s and Contribution/s:

Sadhak Pariwar, Lakpa Yonjen Tamang and Friends.

2. Advertisement/s:

Nepal Remote Sensing and Photogrammetric Society (NRSPS) is a non-profit organization of scientists and professionals practicing Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry, and is committed to promoting the use of these emerging technologies for the benefit of the society. Recent advances in Space Technology have provided opportunities for extracting and analyzing information vital for many different fields. In this context, in order to promote Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry technology in all aspects of national development, the Society is organizing one day Seminar on Space Technology for National Development on April 6, 2007. The seminar is being held in association with International Conference on Emerging Issues on Research and Development being organized by Alumni of Japanese Universities in Nepal (JUSAN) and Nepal Development Research Institute (NDRI), Nepal.

For more Information Contact:


3. Poem/s: (In Nepali/Tamang/English Languages)

g]kfnL hLjg -;+/If0f uLt_

sfnf]df sfnf] sf]bfsf] afnf], l6KgnfO{ uf¥xf] 5

g]kfnL hLjg kxf8sf] 7fpFdf afFRgnfO{ uf¥xf] 5,

bfh} afFRgnfO{ uf¥xf] 5 . !

otf lg klx/f] ptf lg klx/f] 9'‹fsf] cf]O{/f] 5

st} hfpF eg] hfg] 7fpF 5}g oxL+ a:g uf¥xf] 5,

bfh} oxL+ a:g uf¥xf] 5 . @

kfgL x} bSof]{ dg g} ySof]{ 3/ nfUof] eTsg}

u//{ x'G5 3//{ x'G5 hLp eof] nq‹},

bfh} hLp eof] nq‹} . #

;QfO;f}+ klx/f] ;QfO;f}+ cf]O/f] s] o:tf] crDe}

slxn] xf]nf o;nfO{ ca agfpg] nf} hDd},

bfh} agfpg] nf} hDd} . $

3/} eTSof] dfG5] lg d¥of] 9'‹fn] v]t k'¥of]

dg]{ t d¥of] kL/} 6¥of] afFRg] ef] 6'x'/f],

bfh} afFRg] ef] 6'x'/f] . %

tfdf em}+ b]lvg] kmfk/} af/L g/fd|f] v]t 6f/L

klx/f]n] nUof] klx/f]n] k'¥of] ePsf] v]taf/L,

bfh} ePsf] v]taf/L . ^

9fF8}sf] d'lg v]ta:tL x'g] dflg;x? xf]

bs{bf kfgL ys{bf hldg xf]l;of/ x'g'xf];\,

bfh} xf]l;of/ x'g'xf];\ . &

cN5Lsf] aN5L klx/f] / uN5L ;kfg]{ s;/L

cfjZos 5 x} ug{nfO ca ;+/If0f v]taf/L,

bfh} ;+/If0f v]taf/L . *

g]kfnL hLjg -Rofj j]_

Dnfªdf Dnfª;fªsL gd y'k/L sn] l6d' -d"kf_

g]kfnL hLjg kxf8sL Unf/L afFRtLk/L sn] l6d' -d"kf_

cfRof] afFRtLk/L sn] l6d' ..!..

r';] l8 Rof]/;] l8 o'ªkfsL /u\/f]u\ -kf]ltn_ l6d' -d"kf_

vgfuL Go' kfªn] lgkL Unfcf/] r'/L l6k/L sn] l6d' -d"kf_

cfRof] r'/L l6k/L sn] l6d' ..@..

gfd] o'rL ;]Dgf] nf]ªhL lbdgf] gf]ªhL nfRoL

u//{ tfRoL 3//{ tfRoL uf] tfRoL nqË}

cfRof] uf] tfRoL nqË} ..#..

;QfO;f}+ 8L ;QfO;f}+ /u/f]u -kf]ltn_ tfRoL t]ª]g

v]df loGhL r'bf b]/] ;f]af nf} hDd}

cfRof] ;f]af nf} hDd} ..$..

l9d] gf]ªhL lDx P l;RoL o"ªkf;] d|fª -n'_ uKrL

l:ojfnd l:oRoL Gofª]gf] l6hL -dfhL_ yrL{ ª\ofu]gf] -jfªu]gf] jf luu]gf]_

cfRof] yrL{ ª\ofu]gf] ..%..

dfbf]/ /ªnLd|ªKnf a|]sLd|fª cfRofa} 6f/Ld|fª -cRoLg g'UkL_

l8;] uKrL l8;] pRoL{ -ef]RoL{_ d'aL -d'kL_ d|fªaf/L

cfRof] d'aL -d'kL_ d|fªaf/L ..^..

ufªsL 9'ª/L d|fªjfnfgfD;f d'aL -d'kL_ lDxdf

gfdo';L ;f lnUkfb]g xf]l;of/ nftf]kf

cfRof] xf]l;of/ nftf]kf ..&..

An]u'sL aN5L l8 t]g 5\oª\u' em\ofjftfr] vfn]

cfjZos d"af -d'kf_ nfjf/L -nfkf/L_ b]/]d Rofj d|fªjf/L

cfRof] Rofj d|fªjf/L ..*..

Lyrics: Shyam Sundar Shrestha, DSCO, Rasuwa

Tamang Translation: Lakpa Yanjen Tamang, Goljung, Rasuwa

English Translation: Shyam Sundar Shrestha



Nepali Life (Conservation Song)

A bunch of finger millet is black in appearance and difficult to harvest,

Nepalese life in the mountains is difficult to live being honest,

Oh brother difficult to live being honest.

We see a lot of landslides and colluvial flows and fans everywhere,

We do not have any place for immigration and very difficult to stay here too,

Oh brother very difficult to stay here too.

A heavy rainfall occurs, my heart thrills and hut tends to tilt,

Sounds of damages heard and my body becomes pale,

Oh brother my body becomes pale.

Hundreds of landslides and hundreds of gullies are there, what an amusement?

When shall we treat all those landslides and gullies?

Oh brother treat all those landslides and gullies?

Homes felt down, people killed by and fertile lands flooded with debris and boulders,

Who were killed by got heaven but victimized people became unlucky and orphans,

Oh brother victimized people became unlucky and orphans.

The land with buckwheat looks like the copper and paddy field on the terrace is also not good ones,

The landslides swept and buried the remaining few fertile lands too,

Oh bother few remaining few fertile lands too.

People living beneath vulnerable and weak geology and geography should careful during heavy rainfall and earthquakes,

Oh brother should be careful.

How could we improve the bad habits, landslides and gullies? We must need to conduct the appropriate programs such as on-farm conservation to treat them.

Oh brother on-farm conservation to treat them.

4. View/s:

The straight trees are often cut as simple persons are often criticized.

Rats destroy the paddy, but frogs were killed instead of rats.

If you speak truth it is not good to you since bad people harvest their benefits on your truth.

Some people show that they are very clever, but clever crows eat human stool.

5. Moral/s:

åGå kl/jt{gzLn / ljgf;L 5 eg] ;da|Dx lgTo cljgfzL 5 . oxL g} xfd|f] :j?k xf] . :jM ?k ePsf] sf/0f g} ;lhn};+u cg'ejuDo 5 tyflk k|s[lt:y cj:yfdf ;Tosf] cg'e"lt n's]sf] x'G5 . ctMPj cfh clxNo}b]lv åGå /lxt x'g], d'Qm /xg] ;fwgf u/f}+, h;n] ubf{ dfg ckdfg / xif{ ljidft b'j}n] xfdLnfO{ 5'g] 5}g . Tof] ;dtfsf] ddtf clg cfgGbsf] cj:yf :jtM k|fKt x'g]5 .

Conflicts are changeable and distortable, but universal truth never dies. This is our form. We can monitor and feel it easily since this is with us. In common natural condition this truth is invisible can not feel to most of us. Hence, lets try to be free from conflicts, practice to be free from conflicts. If we could able to free from conflicts, any of respects and hates can not influence to our mind. Then we can enjoy the love of equity and happiness immediately interchangeably.

olb tkfO{ xf:g'eof] eg] tkfO{+sf] x/]s c+uk|ToË xf:g]5g\ / tkfO{+sf] a'l4ljj]s :jtM dfly p7g]5 . t;y{ v'j xf:gf];\ . ;'v / b'Mv b'j} cj:yfdf xf:g'xf];\ . ?g' kg]{ cj:yfdf ?g' klg xf];\ t/ km]l/ hLjgnfO{ jf{Rgsf] nflu xf:g'xf];\ . ?Fbf cfF;' emf/]/} ?g'xf];\ t/ km]l/ dg}b]lv xf:g'xf];\ . ;b}j xf:g] k|oTg ul//xgf];\ cyjf tkfO{+ ;w}+ o:tf] sfd ug]{ ug'{xf]\;\ tfls tkfO{ ;w} xf;L/xg ;Sg'xf];\ . xf:g' :jf:Yosf] nflu nfebfos 5 .

When you smile, your whole organs being smiles too, and your level of consciousness automatically rises up to some extent as well. So, smile a lot. Smile during times of happiness and sorrow. Cry when you must, but also smile when you cry for your live. Let the tears fall sown but then smile in your heart. Try to smile whenever you can. You do you job in such a manner everday so that you can live smiling. Smile is better for health.

6. Quote/s: (In Sanskrit Language)

çsf/ljGb';+o'Qm lgTo+ WofolGt of]lug M .

sfdb+ df]Ifb+ r}j çsf/fo gdf]gd M ..

omkarbindusanyukta nitya dhyayanti yogino,

kamadam mokshadam chaiba omkaraya namonamoha.


çk"0f{dbM k"0f{ldb+ k"0ff{b k"0f{d'bRot] .

k"0f{:o k"0f{dfbfo k"0f{d]jfjlziot] ..

om purnamadaha purnamidam purnada purnamudachyate,

purnasya purnamadaya purnamewa bashisyate.


o:o b]z:oof] hGt':tHh+ t:of}ifw+ lxtd\ .

Yasya deshasyoyo jantustajjam tasyoshadham hitam

7. Satire/s or Joke/s:

Monkey's Work: A monkey always disturb the tiger hunting. One day the tiger scold the monkey, "Oh lazy and useless monkey why don't you work hard to make a home to live as human beings?" The monkey replies, "I am jumping from one tree to another tree and another tree to next tree and so on to show you my work. Regarding the home like human beings, If I make home you will come to kill me at night and you will stay in the home . "


A husband and his wife quarrels, then they didn't speak each other for a long time. They use to sleep different beds in a room. After a week, there was a heavy rain at night with loud thunderstorms. The husband woke up and move to door to get outside. The wife loved him very much and got frightened. She hesitate to speak with him directly since she promised not to speak at first. But she sang a Hindi song "Kanha chal raha hai, raat bahut andheri hai, barash padi rahi hai". The husband understood that his wife is addressing to him via song, then he also started to sing a song, "Turururu……."


One day a planner stayed at Banyan and Peepal trees Chautari near his home and was thought on comparing the fruits of Banyan and Pumpkin. " What a nonsense is the god. The great Banyan tree has small fruit, but the creeping pumpkin has so large fruit!" At the same time a Banyan fruit felt down on his head and got hurt. Then he realized that what the god was done is OK.

8. Breaking News:

Magh 19 2063: Interim Three Years' Planning for Rasa workshop organized jointly by National Planning Commission (NPC), Nepal and DDC Rasuwa at Dhunche. Hon. Member of NPC Mrs. Indira Shrestha was also present on the occasion. Similarly, Gyanendra Shrestha of NPC and many other staff were also involved. Similarly, many local people and district office chiefs including CDO Mr. Hari Prasad Mainali, LDO Mr. Binod Praksh Singh, DSCO Mr. Shyam Sundar Shrestha, PO Shiva Ram Pyakuryal WDO Mrs. Ram Poudyal Adhikari were also present in the workshop.

Magh 21-25, 2063: A five days workshop on Appreciative Inquiry and Logframe Planning were conducted by DSCWM at Babarmahal, Kathmandu. DSCO Rasuwa was also involved in the workshop. DG of DSCWM Dr. Keshav Raj Kanel directed the participants. Instructors: Mr. Dhruba Prasad Acharya (AI), Mr. Sudarshan KC.

9. Recall/s:

Driver Chhe Tshiring Tamang and Pick up Key Return from DSCWM.

10. Note/s:

if8ljGb' t]n k'/fgf] lkgf;sf] nflu pko'Qm cf}iflw xf] . a9L xf5\o"+ cfPdf £o" ;'F3]df xf5\o"+ /f]lsG5 .

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12. Contact/s:

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